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The Fuse Mini-Workout for the Busy Mom

Most moms will do anything to make everyday tasks more efficient to balance out their hectic schedule. Working out is no different. Between maintaining a grueling calendar of activities for the kids, running errands and traveling to play dates with friends and family, working out is not always easy to squeeze in to a jam packed week.

Fuse Pilates DC Playground co-founders, Roxanna Hakimi and Sormeh Youssefieh understand the struggle to stay fit amongst the chaos well. Roxanna is a mother of two and Sormeh is a busy mother of three. “Working out is important for my sanity. It’s my one hour of "me" time,” says Hakimi.

The Fuse team created a few mini muscle-blasting workouts for parents and busy students to follow when they can’t always make it in to class at the Fuse Pilates DC Playground. Try these tough exercises to tone-up and de-stress at home when making it to a class is not an option.

Shortcut for Defined Arms: Avalanche
Set Up: Come to hands and knees. Walk your knees back until you are in a straight line from knees to shoulders. Walk your hands forward of your shoulders. The further forward your hands are, the easier this will be.
Inhale and bend both elbows at the same time to “drop” to your forearms.
Exhale to press both arms straight at the same time.
Make sure that you don’t sink in the lower back. It’s preferable to have your hips slightly lifted than to arch into your lower back.
Variation: If you can do this one on your toes, you’re a rock star! It’s plenty difficult on your knees.

Shortcut for Defined Abs (Option 1): Wildfire
Think of your legs as your “weights” here, and draw your abdominals in to lift the “weight” up to tap your arms like flames rising upward.
Set Up: Start seated with your knees bent, feet flat to the floor. Cross your arms like genie arms in front of your chest. Draw your abdominals inward, rounding your lower back, and lean back slightly.
Exhale to lift your left leg up from the hip and tap your knee to your arms.
Inhale to lower your leg.
Exhale to lift your right leg from the hip and tap your arms.
Repeat 10-20 times.
Variation: For a greater challenge, switch your legs mid-air.

Shortcut for Defined Abs (Option 2): Bonsai
Up the ante of a traditional Pilates move with the Fuse style rollover, keeping your knees bent through the entire motion focusing on the lower abs and back extensors. This is a fun one for kids to do too!
Set Up: Lie down on your back and bring your legs into tabletop (knees bent, with your knees directly over your hips and your feet lifted as high as your knees). Stretch your arms long by your side.
Exhale to draw your abdominals inward and peel your back away from the floor from your tailbone to your shoulder blades.
Inhale at the top.
Exhale to roll back down, one vertebra at a time.
Repeat up to 10 times.

Shortcut for Defined Glutes: Clam Reach
Focusing on the outer hip muscles challenges balance as well as your gluteus medius!
Set Up: Lie down on your side and prop yourself up on your forearm. Bend your knees and bring them to a 45 degree angle from your hip. Bring your top arm onto the floor in front of you for balance or for a greater challenge, bring your hand onto your hip or behind your head.
Inhale to lift your top knee up towards the ceiling
Exhale to extend your top leg back and your bottom leg forward.
Return to the start position and repeat 10 times.
Variation: For a tough balance challenge, scissor your legs by switching the leg in front for 10-20 reps.

These movements can be done in minimal time and with nothing other than your own body weight for resistance to maintain a lean look while staying at home with the kids.

“I try to look at all the activities with the kids as an opportunity to burn calories too. If I take the boys to the park or soccer practice, I try to run around with them. I also use my 2.5 year old as my personal dumbbell and pick her up with different arm each time. You got to do what you got to do!” Youssefieh says.
While there is no shortcut to total health and fitness, the Fuse Pilates method caters to all lifestyles to prepare and keep the body hard core in every situation.

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