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Healthier Fundraisers for Schools

For years, cash-strapped schools have turned to fundraising opportunities in an effort to help make ends meet. This has become a controversial topic with many parents, because the fundraisers often tend to be unhealthy, including such items as candy bars and cookies. In fact, according to a report in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, the use of foods high in fat and sugar remains prevalent in school fundraising, which they concluded requires further attention.

“The parents likely feel as if they have their hands tied, when it comes to school fundraisers,” explains Jolly Backer, the chief executive officer of Fresh Healthy Vending ( “They want to support the school, but they are not comfortable with what is being offered. There are healthier ways to raise the needed funds, ways which will also help everyone feel better about chipping in.”

There are a variety of healthier school-fundraising options, including those that don’t involve food. Here are 5 healthier school-fundraising ideas for schools:
Healthy vending. Many schools today are making the switch to healthy vending machines. This way, students and staff have healthy food snack options and the schools still raises funds. It’s a win-win situation for all.

  • Discount cards. Finding area merchants who will agree to be part of a discount card program will give families the opportunity to pay a flat rate for the discount card, and then use it at a variety of area merchants. The card may focus on anything from entitling them to 10 percent off their purchase to a buy-one-get-one-free offer.
  • Group cookbooks. The families attending the school each have a favorite recipe. Ask people to submit it, so that it can be added to a group cookbook. Such a book can easily be self published through a place like, then sold to the families. They get a cookbook full of recipes that area families enjoy, and the school raises the funds they need.
  • Collecting items. People discard many items that can be collected and redeemed for cash in fundraising. These include such things as old ink cartridges, drink pouches, box tops and cell phones. One person can sign up for the program, after which the other parents can start dropping off the items, so they can be submitted in exchange for a check.
  • Holding raffles. Most people enjoy the chance to win something, and don’t mind spending a couple of dollars on a raffle for the opportunity. Seek out local vendors, such as massage therapists, who will donate something to be raffled.

Choosing healthier school fundraisers is an ideal way to help meet the needs of the school and the parents, while still teaching healthy living to students.
“Healthy fundraisers are likely to be welcomed by parents,” adds Backer. “And the good news is that you don’t have to choose just one of them to do. You can do all of these fundraisers over the course of a school year, so that you have a variety of healthy ways in which to raise the much-needed funding.”

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