From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director, John Fanning

Some forty years ago John Fanning was to report for a new job in Kentucky from his current position in Charleston, South Carolina, to accept a supervisor position working with the mentally ill. Due to a strange unexpected personnel policy, this position was no longer open and he was offered a job at the time which was called Coordinator of Services for Mentally Retarded Adults.

The job was so rewarding and provided so much satisfaction he has never looked back. Providing a caring, dignified residential setting where intellectually disabled adults felt a sense of home, safety and family with their housemates as well as staff was Karen and John’s major goal from the beginning in 1987.

There aren’t that many people in society today who wake up every morning feeling good about their job and what they may accomplish that day. There are few jobs better than being able to provide a setting that allows disabled adults to meet life’s challenges, grow mature and find a sense of purpose in their daily lives.

Those of us who manage Stonebrook, which includes a large number of folks other than John and Karen, never feel we have reached our best and are able to sit back and enjoy our success. Life changes, residents age, staff leave, regulators enact new rules and standards and all our lives and goals are in constant motion. It is our job to never stop improving the comfort and quality of our houses, the health care we oversee , the joy of our residents and the sense of peace, parents and legal guardians have knowing they made the right decision placing their loved one at Stonebrook.