iPod May Ease Transition For Those With Autism

As more people with autism enter the work world, a new case study suggests that arming them with specially-programmed iPods may go a long way toward achieving independence on the job.

Researchers looking for new and innovative ways to help those with autism adapt to the demands of employment used the Apple iPod Touch as an assistive device with three adults with the developmental disorder. The results of the small case study — published this week in the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation — were quite promising, they said.

For “Jeffrey,” 21, who struggled with transitioning from one task to the next as a custodian at Hardee’s, a series of alarms on the iPod helped keep him on schedule. The notes function of the device was also used to provide a checklist of responsibilities and remind him of calming techniques.

From: DisabilityScoop - By Shaun Heasley - September 6, 2012